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Active cyber protection for instant* PCI compliance and privacy breach protection.
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Easy Setup

Just flick a switch to protect a server or a point-of-sale terminal. Lavawall™ will check out your network, decide how to best protect your network and send you an email to confirm or customize the settings.

(Lavawall double-checks your identity with Multi-Factor Authentication).

Need help? Just push the help button and certified security experts will call you.

Instant Cyber Security

Lavawall ™ instantly protects servers that contain customer data and credit card machines. Lavawall™:

  • automatically configures itself for full PCI credit card compliance (SAQ B-IP)
  • detects what it needs to protect
  • blocks unusual traffic (like an employee downloading customer data)
  • notifies you of ransomware and viruses on your network
  • let you know if someone plugs a new machine into your secure network
  • updates its own software and encryption to the latest standards

In short, it's instant cyber security that you can plug in and forget about.

Internet Outage Protection

If your business relies on cloud services and can't handle an Internet outage, just plug in a cellular USB modem into the Lavawall ™ and it will automatically use cell service if your main Internet connection goes down.*

*Requires additional purchase of cellular modem and data plan or add-on from LavaWall™

What is PCI Compliance?

Every merchant that accepts credit cards needs to comply with up to 331 cybersecurity requirements. If your credit card terminal or CRM are connected to your network, every machine must be compliant.

Why Lavawall ™? for PCI?

Consumer firewalls and routers aren't PCI-compliant and don't meet modern security needs. The Lavawall™ limits the PCI requirements to your terminal and includes required PCI documentation, monitoring, and updates to meet all of your internal PCI requirements.

Total PCI Cost

Hardware: C$130Included
Docs:C$1,288 Included
Monitoring: C$37/hrIncluded

Service includes critical updates applied within 30 days, all other updates applied within 90 days; monitoring; semi-annual configuration reviews including network diagram, firewall rules, services, protocols, and ports; a minimum of three months' logs and automatic email alerts; and notifications for unusual activity and newly-connected devices.
* "Instant" PCI compliance refers to the network security and firewall components and tools that are included with the Lavawall™ package. Lavawall™ provides all of the tools, alerts, notifications, documentations, and reviews that most organizations require for PCI compliance. However, it's still up to the merchant to follow the workflow, implement the supplied policies and training, and verify that you are following the correct PCI self-assessment questionnaire. A great place to start is the ThreeShield PCI SAQ Selector tool.
**The service fee for first device purchased at a single physical location is C$88. Additional devices for the same location are $40/mo. Your service provider or retailer may charge less.
All prices are in Canadian dollars

Lavawall™ Technical Details

Lavawall™ v3: faster, smarter, smaller

Version 3 of the Lavawall™ places the same trusted technology in a tiny 5.8cm square package. It includes:

Credit card mode: restricts network traffic between your credit card processor and your credit card terminal or POS for PCI compliance.

Server mode: automatically restricts server connections to authorized workstations and cloud providers. It also prevents unusual data downloads and proactively sends approval requests to easily add new workstations.*

Help Button: sends diagnostic information to ThreeShield, triggers a help email to you with easy links for frequent requests, and a tech support call.*

4G cell backup: with an optional cell modem and SIM card, you can keep working through an Internet outage.*

Network monitoring: optionally get notified when a new machine gets plugged into your secured or external network.**

Anomaly detection: changes in network traffic patterns could indicate a breach or an employee stealing data. We'll actively let you know.**

Ransomware, worm, and hacking detection: if something on your network is checking for vulnerabilities to infect or hack, the Lavawall&trade v3 will detect it and let you know.**

Automatic updates: don't worry about missing security updates.

Automatic configuration changes: when encryption standards evolve, we automatically update the Lavawall™ v3 to meet them.

Two-plug design: For v3, we've done away with the admin port and provide a foolproof solution with only 2 ports: one for the secured device(s) and one for the rest of your network.*

Multifactor authentication: Reports and changes use more than just a vulnerable password to keep your systems safe and comply with PCI and other regulations.*

Easy Power: The Lavawall™ v3 went away with the bulky power adapter from v1 and v2. This device now uses 5V/1A USB power (note: cellular support requires 2A) consuming less than 2W!*

Silent: The Lavawall™ v3 continues our tradition of silent, fanless hardware that you won't even notice while it quietly does its job.

*Only available with new Lavawall™v3 hardware

**New feature being deployed to all Lavawall™ clients with v1 through v3 hardware. This feature may not be immediately available on new hardware until the rollout is complete in Q4 2018.

Hardware may not be exactly as shown in images. All specifications and features are subject to change as we continue to improve our products and services

Learn More About PCI

PCI Risks Explained

A quick explanation of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, risks, and facts.

Small Business Security

Learn more about PCI and how ThreeShield protects customer data disclosure and associated financial penalties.

PCI Firewall Details

Learn what makes the ThreeShield PCI firewall special and why small businesses and large enterprises use it to save time and money while ensuring PCI compliance.

Case Studies

Enterprise & Healthcare Cybersecurity

Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network (CFPCN)

Public health network of over 450 member physicians, 250 administrative staff, and 5 directly-managed health clinics

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance to accept credit cards

Lavawall™ devices and managed security service for SAQ B-IP Compliance

Lavawall™ devices were “painless, easy, and unnoticeable”

CFPCN has an efficient IT department that manages its modern, enterprise-grade networking equipment. After a proactive cybersecurity and compliance review showed that credit card machines were on networks that didn't fully meet PCI requirements, CFPCN had three options:


Configure every device on its network to meet compliance requirements.


Configure and regularly update the modern enterprise-grade network equipment to meet credit card compliance requirements and isolate the credit card machines.


Plug in Lavawall™ devices to isolate credit card machines and instantly meet the PCI network compliance requirements without worrying about future update and configuration requirements.

After a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis, CFPCN found that the instant compliance, built-in monitoring, upgrades, and configuration of Lavawall™ devices for its 5 clinics would be more cost-effective than paying internal resources to implement a laundry list of required changes followed by required maintenance.

CFPCN's IT staff plugged in the well-labelled devices during routine clinic visits while the clinics continued to operate as usual. This solution works equally well for large primary care networks with IT staff as it does for small clinics.

Small Business Cybersecurity

Escape Ops

Single-location escape room startup with no employees other than the founder (at the time)

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance to accept credit cards

Lavawall™ compliance package for SAQ B-IP Compliance

Lavawall™ devices are “like Magic in a box!”

EscapeOps is a custom-built immersive escape room with one location in Calgary. Like all merchants with a credit card terminal, Escape Ops agreed to comply with PCI requirements when they opened their merchant account. While still under construction, EscapeOps’ founder contacted ThreeShield Information Security Corporation for support completing the PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) that their new payment processing company requested as part of their PCI compliance requirements.

When we arrived, EscapeOps was like most other small businesses: there weren’t any PCI policies or procedures, and the computer network consisted of a laptop and its Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) integrated high-speed modem and wireless access point. The founder also provided an old router from home that we had hoped to use to isolate the credit card machine so EscapeOps didn’t have to configure all of their computers to comply with credit card rules. This would also allow us to significantly limit the number of PCI compliance requirements down to what is known as SAQ B-IP. Unfortunately, we found a backdoor in the Internet Service Provider’s router and neither the ISP’s wireless router or the router that the founder provided could meet PCI encryption, multi-factor login, monitoring, or other requirements that most home users don’t need.

Our goal was to minimize EscapeOps’ PCI burden and provide a comprehensive solution that wouldn’t require any further thought for Escape Ops so they could focus on their incredible escape room. ThreeShield integrated custom software and configurations into a low-cost router. This fulfilled all of the internal PCI network compliance requirements. This was the birth of ThreeShield’s Lavawall™ version 1. We also developed custom policies, procedures, network documentation, and testing documentation packaged with training, external vulnerability assessments, and updates to provide a comprehensive — and repeatable — solution for PCI SAQ B-IP compliance. This meant that instead of having 331 PCI requirements that applied to every computer and network device, Escape Ops only had 88 and they were all instantly met.

The Lavawall™ and PCI compliance package ended up saving so much time that we were able to cut our PCI SAQ consulting fee in half for Escape Ops. By chance, we had also developed an amazing tool to provide enterprise-grade security to small businesses that need to isolate and secure sensitive systems like a credit card terminal.

EscapeOps’ founder’s description of the service as being “magic in a box” cemented our desire to spread Lavawall™ to other companies. Small businesses shouldn’t have to bother with complicated security configurations that most IT consultants without significant security experience don’t even understand. They should be able to put a magic box behind systems they care about and know that it works while ThreeShield’s Certified Information Systems Security Professionals™ and certified PCI Professionals™ take care of the configurations, updates, and monitoring behind the scenes.

Our Clients

As the Chief Compliance Officer of a payments entity, I have relied on ThreeShield Information Security to provide risk-based solutions that have satisfied regulators and business partners alike. While our Money Services Business is unique in that it supports commerce within virtual worlds and video game environments, the security standards that we have to meet are the same as they would be for any regulated financial institution.

ThreeShield has employed a dynamic, risk-based approach to information security that is specific to our business needs but also provides comfort to our external stakeholders.

I recommend their services.

-Scott Butler, CCO of Tilia Inc.


ThreeShield Information Security has provided IT security tools and consulting to organizations of all sizes, including the following:
1-Page  •   Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network  •   Carrier Corporation  •   Collins Barrow Calgary LLP  •   Computer Sciences Corporation  •   Deloitte  •   Ernst & Young  •   Escape Ops  •   First Gulf Bank  •   Government of Alberta  •   Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation  •   Hurricane Computer Solutions  •   International Aero Engines  •   KPMG  •   Linden Research (Linden Lab)  •   NASA  •   NORESCO  •   Otis Elevator Company  •   Plateau Systems  •   Pratt & Whitney  •   Red Link SA (Argentina)  •   Segurança da Informação e Conformidade  •   Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation  •   Tilia Inc  •   TOOT'n TOTUM  •   Towers Watson  •   United Technologies Corporation  •   Universidade de São Paulo  •   UTC Power  •   Whitecap Resources Inc

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